Give Your Rooms New Life

Do you need some help giving your home a fresh new vibe? Here are some helpful tips to get you out of your funk and see your home in a whole new light. 

You can never have enough pillows. Two pairs of pillows give a simple look. However, multiple pillows with contrasting colors and patterns make a bold and fun statement.

Buy a big bed or sofa. Small furniture can make a small room feel smaller. Go big! In the bedroom, a tall bed with a high headboard will make the room feel taller as well.

Go dark. Painting a room a dark color does the opposite of what you think. It actually makes the room feel larger and creates an illusion of no corners. Therefore, the room feels endless.

Wallpaper is in. Adding some pattern can completely change the feel of a space. Whether used in a corner or an entire room, wallpaper has made a big comeback and is a surefire way to give your room a fresh look.

Use an area rug in the bathroom. Instead of a bath mat, use an area rug. It will make the space more interesting.

When in doubt, paint your walls white. There is nothing fresher than an all-white space. Yes, we told you to go dark. So depending on your space and style, choose the best option for you.

Mix and match styles. Mixing styles together, such as modern with antique, is a great way to wow guests. For example, use a four-poster bed with other contemporary pieces for an interesting look in a bedroom.

Layer your lighting. The more light sources, the better. Use at least two for ambient lighting and two for task lighting. This allows you to create different moods in your space.

Kick the traditional coffee table to the curb. The most versatile coffee table you will ever own is an ottoman with a tray on it.



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