Determine Your Landscape Style

When you create a landscape plan, consider many elements. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine your style.

• How controlled do you like the plantings to be? More formal or more naturalistic?

• What feel do you prefer — urban, woodsy, tropical, Southwestern, California relaxed or Mediterranean formal?

• How densely do you like your landscape planted — with a dense plant cover or with a more individualistic plant quilt?

• Are you comfortable with the old standards, or do you prefer new exotics?

• Do you like the natural, relaxed shape of shrubs that sometimes can be picturesque with unusually angled branches, or do you prefer a look that’s tight and controlled?

• Would you be a friend of seedheads, or do they look too weedy to you? Can you stomach wispy grasses, or do you want them to be neat and clean looking at all times?

• Do you want your garden to look gorgeous right after installation, or can you wait for plants to mature?


Christiane Holmquist
Christiane Holmquist Landscape Designs

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