Feng Shui Your Home Room by Room

Use the principles of feng shui throughout your home to create an atmosphere that promotes ideal proportion, energy and health. Here’s a room-by-room guide.

The kitchen is the top feng shui priority, since it controls the flow of nourishment and happiness to your family. Use a warm accent color like yellow to promote warmth and socializing during meal preparations. Encourage positive energy by layering several types of light fixtures. Get rid of extra kitchen gadgets. Your countertops should be free of clutter. Grow a fresh herb garden on your windowsill, and make sure your kitchen space is lit with natural light.

Try a calming green or chocolate brown bedroom to encourage a mixture of relaxation and sensuality. Place your bed away from a direct line with the door, and center it with two bedside tables. Get rid of underbed storage to promote a flow of energy as you sleep. Banish unnecessary stimulation, like that from televisions and computers. Pick art wisely. Only use pieces that you want replicated in your own life.

Living Room
Paint your living room with neutral colors for coziness and liven the space with pops of red for wealth. Place your largest sofa firmly against a wall for stability and your other seating by windows. The room should not be higher than your dining area. Room décor should encourage liveliness, so use living plants, cut flowers and light-reflecting mirrors in your design. The room should be a normal shape and neither too big nor too small. Cut the clutter — especially kids’ toys — by using built-in storage and shelving wisely.

Dining Room
Use sky blue and cream accent colors for tranquility and nutrition. Multiple textures are key. Use high-quality table linens and curtains for sound absorption and intimacy. Dining room tables are best in round, oval or octagonal shapes, placed in the center of the room. A crystal chandelier gives light but is dim enough to encourage a slower-paced meal. Two doors through the dining room promote a positive flow of energy. Hang landscape art and mirrors in the dining room.

Consider white walls and bold colors like red for an entryway that pops with vitality. The entryway should have some weight to it; a strongly colored area rug or hearty side table will do. The front door should be the largest and grandest door in your home. Make sure it opens completely to welcome energy and prosperity into your home. Hang a mirror — away from a direct line with the door — to make the foyer welcoming. Use bright lighting within a few feet of the doorway.


Mary McCoy
Courtesy of HomeZada

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