Refresh Your Home

Breathing new life into your home doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Here are eight easy changes you can make to rejuvenate your interiors.

1. Start with your bookcase. Rather than jamming shelves full of books, intersperse collectibles and objets d’art. Stand some books upright and lay some horizontally to achieve balance. I use vases, plants and interesting items as “bookends” and arrange everything at varying heights. Adding color by rearranging book jackets or including accessories gives a bookcase personality. For a cohesive or monochromatic look, cover books in the same material. I use wallpaper, wrapping paper, rice paper and even maps and music sheets. 

2. Move to the floor. Define seating groups and create functional spaces with an area rug. By using larger rugs or joining two or more rugs together, a room will feel more expansive.

3. Consider art and accessories. Groupings of three are pleasing whether a space is formal or casual. I recommend using fewer, larger items to make a statement. For a big wall, a triptych creates drama and cohesiveness. Swapping accessories from room to room is a no-cost way to refresh. 

4. Include a focal point. A focal point can be created in a room by hanging an eye-catching artwork, wallpapering one wall or rearranging what’s already there. Moving a large piece of furniture to “center stage” can make a fabulous visual impact.

5. Add drama. Paint, fabrics and wallcoverings add drama that can be changed over time. Grasscloth is one of my favorite materials for its texture, but a wall of reclaimed wood also makes a statement. A bold coat of paint on an old piece of furniture will do the trick instantly. Milk paint is forgiving; even if you make a mistake, the result will look great. Add impact with accessories. Metallic objects such as mercury-glass candlesticks and metal or glass orbs are a great way to bring life to a room. If you don’t want to buy anything new, brush a metallic finish like Rub ’n Buff on dark lamps or frames. 

6. Go for unexpected touches. Add something that is opposite to the overall style of your room, such as a sleek acrylic table within a traditional design or a rustic dresser in a minimalist space.

7. Don't forget the windows. Dress up blinds with side panels or a top treatment that can be as simple as decorative napkins hung from a café rod. Add tiebacks. How about merely changing the pull ends on all of the blinds to something visually interesting, like jewelry, seashells or wooden pieces found at craft stores?

8. Mix and match styles. For a simple face-lift, move items from room to room. Add interest and personality by bringing that old dresser from the guest room to the living room or taking the end table from the living room to the bedroom.


Lynn Morris, ASID
Touch of Tradition
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