Organize a Small Laundry Area

Organization is key to keeping clutter at bay and facilitating the chore of laundry. Here are a few tips to managing a small laundry room so that it functions well for you.

Make a note of what you want and need in your laundry area. Decide where each of those things will fit neatly. Whether you’re thinking of installing shelves, racks, bars or cabinets, measure the space for correct sizing and take those measurements with you to the hardware store.

Make saving space a priority, and opt for multipurpose products. For example, there are several detergents available in the market today that do double duty as stain removers. Fewer products mean less bottles and more space.

One of the most effective storage solutions that helps maximize space is the shelf. Fit as many as you can neatly on a single wall. Store items that you use infrequently on the top shelf.

Install dividers on the shelves for folded items, and line shelves with containers in suitable shapes and sizes to store laundry supplies. A few plastic baskets or trays can handily group small items; label them for ease in locating items.

Install a sturdy bar from which you can hang laundered items that need to air dry.

Wall-mounted ironing boards and racks that can be folded up and stashed away when not in use make sense. One of the best places for wall-mounting a rack is behind a door.


Frances Holmes

Categories: Home Design