Retro Active

Design elements from a bygone era energize a kitchen

A candy red kettle pops extra joy into a high-spirited kitchen makeover that designer Rosella Gonzalez infused with her client’s playful personality.

“The visual energy of this new kitchen is lively and fun — just like the homeowner,” Rosella says. “Cheerful yellow hues dominate the room, while retro appliances set the design tone.”

Rounded-edge countertop and shelf details perfect this classic look, while a hippity-hop floor pattern of yellow-and-white squares tweaks the traditional checkerboard motif just enough to bring in added merriment.

But this cook’s space isn’t all about lightheartedness. Functionality plays a leading role, too.

“Opening the space structurally allowed for better circulation and light,” Rosella says. “By borrowing space from an existing office, the flow and navigation of the kitchen was significantly improved with a streamlined layout. Counters were designed at heights planned for accessibility.”

Abundant and versatile storage in the kitchen includes simple, maple cabinetry with Shaker-style doors. All are painted white and outfitted with black ceramic knobs that match black tile and window trim. Upper cabinet doors, designed with metal inserts, accommodate an eclectic magnet collection.

“By working with retro-inspired elements, the design achieves the distinct personality the client desired,” Rosella says. “Her kitchen is now a true expression of her individual taste and a place where she feels inspired and comfortable.”



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