Get Stool Height Right

With a wide variety of stool styles available, choosing one to complement the look of a kitchen or bar area shouldn’t be too difficult. Finding the correct stool height, however, can pose a problem. The optimum seating height is always a 10-inch difference from the counter- or tabletop to the top of the seat. Here’s a vocabulary list to help you get the height right.

• A vanity stool is approximately 18 inches in height and is used at a vanity table or at a regular dining table that measures about 29 to 30 inches in height.

• A bar stool is 29 to 30 inches in height and will work at a 40- to 43-inch counter or bar table.

• A counter stool is 24 to 26 inches in height and will work at a 34- to 36-inch counter or pub table.

• A spectator stool is 34 inches in height and is usually used in a billiard room to view the game being played at the billiard tables.


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