10 Essential Tips for Small Spaces

Living in a small space has many benefits, but requires organization to make the most of any storage space. You need to think about your lifestyle and how your home functions. Here are my best tips for making a small space work for you.

1. Think outside the box. Consider your level of comfort over the designated areas of your home. Sometimes it means turning your living room into your bedroom for a more spacious, relaxed environment or converting a closet into a workspace. Think beyond the designated spaces to how you would like the space to function.

2. Consider how your home functions. Do you frequently entertain or is your space more of a private retreat? Do you work from home or spend a lot of time at your computer? Are you an avid home cook? Do you practice yoga in the comfort of your living room? Recognizing the core functions of how you use or would like to use your home are key to creating an environment that fits your lifestyle.

3. Be selective. This applies to homes big and small, but is especially imperative in small spaces. Buy only items that you love or need, preferably both. It's worth considering working with a designer even for small spaces, because they can help you select pieces that can serve double duty and still bring a smile to your face.

4. Purge. If you live in small space, your life will be a lot better when you get rid of the items (regardless of how much they cost!) that get in the way. Donate them to a good cause and move on.

5. Mix high and low. Each room should have at least one touch of luxury. I like to think of small spaces as jewel boxes: It may be small, but it should be beautiful.

6. Curate vignettes. Choose a few key spaces where you can create beautiful arrangements that delight the eye. Creating detailed spaces builds a sense of depth and thoughtfulness into even the tiniest space.

7. Don't be afraid to make a grand statement. The disclaimer to this is that you should make one, maybe two, grand statements and leave it at that. If you want billowing silk drapes to frame your prettiest window, go for it. Or maybe you want a piano or a huge sculpture or brightly patterned wallpaper. Just do it strategically. It's all about implementation and finding balance that pleases your eye and complements your lifestyle.

8. Consider your storage needs. After you've done a good purging, make a list of the types of items you need to account for in storage, whether it’s kitchen supplies, clothing or kid’s toys. What items can you display and which need to be kept under wraps? Creating systems and distinct spaces for each category can make items easier to find and far more likely to be used.

9. Create a system. Pair like with like, be consistent and try not to reorganize every few weeks.

10. Throw out conventional wisdom. Sometimes going big is a good thing, even in a small space. It’s helpful to use painter’s tape to mark out an outline on the floor to get a better idea for how a space might flow with a new piece of furniture. Think in terms of flexible furniture that could live in more than one spot. Choose pieces that can make life transitions with you.



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