Furniture Placement

Are you living in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)? The good news is that CHAOS is treatable with the correct arrangement of your furniture and accessories. It doesn't matter how comfortable, beautiful or expensive the furniture is; if you haven't set up the foundation of the room with furniture positioned so that it welcomes and encourages conversations, then people will not use the room. With proper placement, you will be inviting your friends over. 

Don’t …

• line your furniture up against walls like chairs in a doctor's office.
• place your huge sectional so that it’s greeting you like a wall when you walk into the room.
• put furniture in areas where they make it difficult to enter a room and sit down.
• space your furniture so far apart that having a conversation with someone requires a megaphone.

Do …

• plan furniture placement on paper.
• choose furniture in a size that fits the space.
• push seating together so that everyone can chat comfortably.
• orient the seating toward a focal point, for example, a fireplace.
• allow room for doors to open without banging into furniture pieces.
• keep furniture away from walkways so that it is easy to traverse from one room to another.
• place furniture so that windows and doors aren’t blocked.


Kim Smart
Smart Interiors



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