The Art of Accessorizing

Like the icing on a cake, accessories are the finishing touch that keeps the interiors of your home from looking bare. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you go shopping for décor.

Do you prefer interiors that have a modern or traditional look? If modern, you can keep accessories to a minimum. Choose solid fabrics and items that are simple in form. If you have a bent for traditional style, you can add more pattern, color and ornamentation. Remember that greenery enhances a space no matter what the style.

Take along paint chips, fabrics and finish samples of the colors you like or the colors that already are in your home. If your interiors have a neutral palette, accessories offer an opportunity to add color. Select a few hues that you like and stick with them for all your accessories.

Having photos of your rooms and specific areas that you want to accessorize, like a bookcase or tables, can prove very helpful as you shop. You’ll be able to see details that you might not be able to recall.

If you bring the measurements of shelf heights and other items that you want to accessorize, you’ll save yourself the hassle of having to return something that is the wrong size.

Look through magazines or browse websites for accessory ideas.

Shop a range of stores and price points. Put special or more expensive pieces in key spots and use less pricey items to fill areas like shelving or cabinet tops.

Use a variety of shapes and sizes, arrange items in groups of three or five and stagger heights to create balance. Include existing pieces that have sentimental or significant value to personalize your home.

Make sure the items you use fit into the scale of the space. Use large accessories in large spaces and small accessories in small spaces. A huge floral arrangement looks silly on a small coffee table.

To add interest, provide contrast in textures, colors and styles.

Art, pillows, rugs and lamps lend spaces an overall finished look.



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