Make Room For Fragrance

A garden’s appeal spreads across our senses. We’re drawn in by the deep red of a rose; we reach out to touch its velvety petals; and we lean in to intensify our experience of its fragrance. Here’s how to appeal to the sense of smell in your garden.

Spring bulbs are like seasonal time bombs. They’re exciting to watch simply because they grow so quickly. In no time at all, they’re in flower, filling the air with the scent of childhood memories. Jonquils are fabulous, as are freesias, sweet peas and many annuals. Place a clustered handful close to your house, and remember to cut some to bring their fragrance indoors.

One of the joys of summer is the perfume of flowers like peonies and phlox. Happily, the newer varieties like volcano phlox (shown) have higher levels of disease tolerance than those with which you may be more familiar. Then there’s the gorgeous gardenia, delicious heliotrope ‘Cherry Pie’ and jasmine.

Pick the spot to plant your scented additions carefully: beside the front gate, near the back door, behind a garden seat. These are places where we naturally pause.



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