Gray Shades For Home Exteriors

Gray is a versatile exterior color that works equally well on all home styles, historic to contemporary. Gray tones can range from cool, clear bluish gray to a true neutral gray to a warm French gray or even taupe. The best gray for your home exterior is the one that blends well with your roof and other fixed features. Here are some tips for picking the perfect hue and choosing gray combinations.

For most homes, a classic gray that will never go out of style is a middle tone.

Light, clear gray is fresh and airy; just be sure to look for any undertone. What appears light gray on the swatch could appear more light blue, lavender or whatever the color of the undertone once it is applied. Whether warm or neutral, the undertone of your gray needs to harmonize with your other exterior materials and finishes to create a cohesive look.

When going with a dark gray as the main color, look for a gray that is rich but soft. Deeper shades that have a harder edge are great as accent colors.

When planning your color scheme, keep in mind that gray comes alive with dramatic accent colors. I recommend using the boldest paint color for the front door to create a strong focal point on your home exterior. Use other colors to play secondary accents.

A true neutral gray combines with any other color to give you complete freedom with accent colors. These are a few of my favorites:

• True red is traditional; but you can add a twist by using berry, pomegranate or garnet.
• A touch of brass, bronze or copper warms up gray. Gold or orange adds a spark of color.
• Both warm and cool greens look fresh against gray. From thyme to palm or forest, green naturally brings out the beauty of gray.
• Tried and true blue — soft raindrop, bold blue paisley or admiral blue — keeps gray fresh and clean.
• Go all neutral with gray on gray for a sophisticated theme.



Kate Smith, Chief Color Maven
Sensational Color

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