How To Refresh Your Home

You don’t have to be a design professional to have a beautiful, cohesive home. Here are a few tips to easily refresh your home while staying on-trend and true to your personal style:

• If you like a sleek look, then contemporary décor might be best for you. A home that’s comfortable, casual and classic is probably decorated in the traditional style. If you respect the fine details of traditional pieces but are also inspired by contemporary looks, then transitional is the style for you.

• Most of us under-light our interior spaces. To get a professionally designed look, layer light sources. Every room needs three types of light: ambient, task and accent. Use decorative table lamps, recessed lights or even a chandelier to create ambient room lighting. Task lighting is great for reading and for helping to illuminate a work area. The benefits are less eye strain and reduced glare, which can help increase our productivity. LED lights under cabinets are a great way to add task lighting to a kitchen. A mini pendant adds personality and color.

• Happy, chalky colors are making their way into homes. Incorporating these fun hues can be as easy as adding an accent chair in the living room, tossing a few accent pillows on the bed or even giving your bathroom a refresh by simply adding a new bath mat and towels. 

• For an instant makeover and to bring brightness into your home, swap out dark or heavy lampshades for lighter, paler ones.

• LED bulbs and fixtures are extremely efficient and long lasting. Use 2,700-3,000 Kelvin temperature bulbs to create a warm, cozy and relaxed atmosphere. 

• Add impact with a chandelier. Chandeliers are decorative and functional, but be sure you hang them in your space correctly. The bottom of the chandelier should be 30-to-32 inches above a dining table.  

• Don’t forget about your outdoor space. Create a seamless flow by coordinating your interior décor colors with your outdoor furniture, rugs, umbrellas and accessories.

• Whether it is a color or pattern, what’s hot now can be easily introduced into your home with a simple lampshade, table lamp, accent pillow or home accessory. By making a small investment, you will not feel guilty when the next trend comes along and you want to update. 

• Rotate your lampshades. Buy new shades for the living room, move the old ones to the bedroom. Then take the shades from the bedroom to the guest room and donate the old ones. It’s a fast, easy way to do a lighting overhaul.

• If you don’t want to splurge on a new piece of furniture, consider rearranging your furniture and adding an area rug, colorful pillows and a throw. Changing the hardware on your dresser or vanity is an easy way to add glamour to your bedroom or powder room.


Jodi Schinnerer, Store Manager and Lighting Specialist
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