Bathtub Selection

Bathtub choices abound for consumers. Haley Davis, product manager with Mansfield Plumbing, provides a list of tub descriptions to help you make a selection.

Soaking Tub — Ergonomically designed and significantly deeper than a standard bathtub, a soaking tub provides full body support and allows deep immersion into comforting waters.

Whirlpool Tub — Precision-aimed jets of water can relax and rejuvenate the body in a whirlpool bath. Strategically placed jets target different parts of the body for deep-tissue massage. “If you select a tub with air jets,” Haley says, “determine the number of jets, where they are located and if they are adjustable.”

Air Massage Bath — While whirlpools circulate water from the bathtub to massage the body, an air bath injects streams of air into the bathing well, surrounding the body with millions of therapeutic bubbles. Choices include vigorous hydrotherapy massages and softer, more soothing baths.

Walk-in Tub — If getting in and out of a tub is a challenge or you think it might be in the future, a walk-in tub with an inward swinging door is the ideal solution. Created with an ADA-height seat, the tub provides a deep well for bathing with options for air massage and whirlpool jets.           



Haley Davis, Product Manager
Mansfield Plumbing

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