Easy Tips to “Green Up” Your Holiday Season

Jerick and Dede O’Brien having fun with LED holiday lights

Here are some fun, easy and engaging things you can do with family and friends to keep your holidays green.

Bake treats for family and friends and package them in reusable containers.

Take your own bags for gift and grocery shopping.

Inventory old clothing, books and toys before the holiday and give to charity so others can receive gifts this year.

Throw a decoration party where guests can make gingerbread homes, popcorn garlands, simple ornaments and package tags from favorite cards you received last holiday.

Buy gifts of a quality that others will want to keep or hand down to others. Cheap junk just goes into our landfills.

Switch to LED for holiday lights — they use 90 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs

Use your legs, mass transit or ride with friends for shopping, and buy from shops stocked with locally made gifts.

Play “how many things can we reuse or recycle?” with your children this holiday season. Make this fun “challenge” a family tradition.

Hold a “white elephant” gift exchange, where participants wrap funny, old, crazy stuff they already own to give each other as mystery presents.


Suzi O’Brien, MSW, Allied ASID, CAPS, LEED GA
Eco Lux
US Environmental Protection Agency

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