Landscape to Save Water

Everyone knows that turf grass is thirsty — especially during the summer heat. While some residents are removing entire lawns to reduce water use, others are shrinking the footprint of their grass and retaining areas that are most important to them. Here are some water-saving tips for all landscapes.

  • Replace grass with pavers; mulch; rock; or low-water-use plants, including groundcovers, perennials, succulents or ornamental grasses. Doing so will leave turf for kids and dogs to play on while reducing water use, overspray onto hardscape, water damage to foundations and fences and runoff onto sidewalks and streets.
  • Create a grass-free border that is 3- to 6-feet wide between lawn and hardscaped areas such as driveways, sidewalks and patios.
  • Cut grass 3 to 4 inches above the ground to help significantly reduce evaporation.
  • Irrigate only after the top inch of soil is dry or grass doesn’t spring back when stepped on.
  • Aerate and dethatch annually to help water penetrate the soil and promote root growth.
  • Adjust sprinklers to prevent overspray and runoff.
  •  Water only in the late evening or early morning to reduce evaporation and interference from wind.
  • Retrofit conventional irrigation spray heads with highly efficient rotary nozzles.

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