Butterfly Bonanza

Hot-House---Butterfly-Flowers webCarolyn Barber of Hot House Flowers, an eco-friendly, full-service floral studio in La Mesa, says that whether you have a large patch of land or just a small area for pots, you can attract and support butterflies. Read on for her tips to create a butterfly garden.

Plant a combination of lavender, sage, yarrow, fennel and oregano. In addition to bringing in the butterflies, these plants double as herbs that can be used for your next dinner dish.

If you have a large area, plant fast-growing alyssum, goldenrod, marigold, phlox and verbena. They’ll bring in large sums of your favorite colorful insect and brighten up your back yard in a snap.

Colorful aster, calendula, zinnia, cosmos and purple coneflower are available throughout the growing season and are perfect for butterflies to pollinate and perch on.

After you plant your succession of blooming perennials, annuals and shrubs, butterflies will start to gather. Plant a variation of fennel, grasses, milkweed and nettle to feed caterpillars.

Provide some sort of shelter in which butterflies can hide and rear their young. Let a hedge or part of your lawn grow wild and/or plant a small tree for shade.

Stay away from pesticides that are toxic to beneficial organisms in your garden that keep everything growing. If you take an organic approach and work with nature to control pests, you’ll enjoy a healthier garden and protect these delicate insects.

Add butterfly feeders and a water-catching basin that will help these insects thrive.

Butterflies will love their new home in your back yard, and you’ll love having them in your garden.


Carolyn Barber
Hot House Flowers
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