Pretty, Tidy Drawers

SieMatic-HausFair2013-08 webThere’s more to keeping kitchen drawers neat and tidy than finding good organizer inserts. Here are some tips for creating order from chaos — and even adding beauty — inside kitchen drawers.

  • Choose drawer materials that complement your kitchen cabinets. From beautiful woods to aluminum, from velvety-like flock to white porcelain, there is a finish for every aesthetic.
  • Subdivide your drawers so that you can accessorize compartment spaces to meet your individual needs.
  • Opt for velvet-like liners to allow completely slip-proof placement of kitchen utensils.
  • Keep the inside of drawers easy to clean by using high-quality, white-matte laminate on the interior. This also provides a modern look.
  • Place items where they make the most logical sense. Dish towels, scrubbers, sponges can go in a drawer near the sink. Utensil, pots and pans and plate drawers would be well placed near the dishwasher. Items for food storage such as aluminum foil, baggies, and Tupperware are nicely kept near the refrigerator and pantry. And spices are easily reached when cooking if they are located near the stove.


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