Embody Your Essence at Home

462067637 webFor a house to truly become a home, it must have a soul that mirrors the authenticity and individuality of the homeowner. “It’s common for people to choose their interior design based on current trends or affordability; but in order to truly create a fulfilling home, it’s essential to make sure your space embodies your own original self,” says Karen Powell, founder and CEO of Décor&You. Here are Karen’s tips to help create a home that reflects your personality.

Choose Hues: One of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to see yourself within the walls of your home is by choosing colors and hues that correspond with your personality. For instance, a very calm and tranquil person may consider using watery colors, such as pale blues and greens. An energetic person may want to play with bright tones, such as pinks and turquoise with white accents. Conversely, a dramatic yet sophisticated person can opt for rich and deep shades such as eggplant and maroon.

Celebrate Prized Possessions: From family heirlooms to trophies, everyone has belongings with priceless personal value. To help reflect your history and achievements, use these items as focal points in your home. One way to do that is by devoting an entire wall to built-in cubbies for display. These pieces can set the foundation for a room’s color scheme, furniture and overall style, while simultaneously celebrating you.

Echo Your Lifestyle: Does your home serve as a haven for you to unwind after a long day, or does it transform into a venue for hosting parties and gatherings for family and friends? To create a cozy atmosphere, focus on simplicity by pursuing neutral colors and textures. Comfortable seating, ottomans, dim lighting and matching throws help to ensure a relaxed attitude. For an extravagant and inviting room, don’t be afraid to go bold with intricate details. Especially in dining or sitting rooms, statement pieces, such as an elegant chandelier, aid in keeping the room lively and stimulating. Slipcovers with varying patterns for sofas and chairs wow guests and allow you to alter a room to fit all occasions.

Find a Signature Scent: Prior to investing in aroma diffusers or scented candles, identify the activities and environments that make you happiest. Smells have the potential to serve as a powerful memory trigger, so choose ones corresponding to enjoyable times. If you love to bake, try vanilla, pumpkin spice or cinnamon. If you love the outdoors, pick a grass, breeze or ocean scent. With so many options available, the perfect scent could be the final step in embodying yourself within your home.


Karen Powell, Founder/CEO
Hartford, Conn.


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