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Timeless teakWith summer now upon us, it’s time to get your patio in beautiful array. When giving your outdoor space a facelift, you can choose teak, all-weather wicker or powder-coated aluminum outdoor furniture. Here is some information on all three types to help you decide.


If you want a warm, casual, natural look, classic teak may be the perfect fit. Plus, with its durability of 50 years or more, it is one of the most cost-feasible forms of outdoor furniture.

Teak is weather resistant. It doesn’t absorb moisture, and you don’t have to worry about sun. As the wood’s color fades over time to a natural patina gray, it adds character to the furniture. (If you prefer to preserve the original wood color, you can treat your furniture with sealant.)

Unlike steel, teak doesn’t absorb the heat, so you won’t burn bare legs or arms when you sit down.

Teak is low maintenance. It doesn’t have to be painted, oiled or varnished. And keeping it clean is as simple as running a garden hose on it occasionally.

All-Weather Wicker

Perfect for a cozy or rustic look, all-weather wicker comes in a variety of styles and colors. Accessorized with throw pillows, this comfy outdoor furniture can give your back yard the aura of a tranquil resort.

This material is durable and can last for decades without the need for maintenance. It’s strong yet lightweight, which makes it easy to rearrange your outdoor furniture when company comes.

Like teak, all-weather wicker can be hosed off to keep it clean. It doesn’t rust or blemish and won’t fade in the sun.

Powder-Coated Aluminum

Great for a variety of styles from modern to traditional, powder-coated aluminum outdoor furniture will provide years of enjoyment.

The powder coating provides an extremely durable finish that makes the furniture chip and scratch resistant and keeps it rust free.

Even lighter than wicker, this furniture is a breeze to move around.

Powder-coated aluminum is low maintenance. Clean it with plain water or water and mild soap using a soft sponge. An annual spraying with auto wax will help keep the finish looking new.


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