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Trimming a house with colorful but low-maintenance finishes and accessories is a growing trend for busy homeowners looking for easy-care exteriors. Experts advise starting at the top of your home with gable vents and louvers and then making your way down with decorative millwork, window and door trim, followed by a balustrade system and porch columns.


At the roofline, consider gable vents and louvers that come in a variety of shapes, including oval, octagon, cathedral and triangle. Venting louvers should feature corrosion-resistant screens to help keep insects out of the home and angled slates to protect interiors from rain.


To add the ultimate finishing touch to eaves and window areas, Heather Kovacs, product manager for Fypon, recommends incorporating brackets, dentil blocks and corbels. These pieces can be positioned under showcase window areas and on porches and are typically found under the roofline. A trellis system installed above a garage door or a secondary entryway of a home can carry through the decorative elements on the exterior.

Windows and Doors

Pilasters, pediments, crossheads and shutters can enhance key elements. “The windows on the front of a home gain tremendous curb appeal when accented by trim accessories,” Heather says. “Similarly, you can transform a ho-hum entryway into a stunning grand entrance by installing easy-care door surrounds.”


With the right color combinations, the trim you add to your home can be striking, drawing together the entire exterior. For this reason, it’s best to consider materials that come with a “preprimed” surface ready to stain or paint.


Heather Kovacs, Product Manager

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