Accent With Concrete Pavers

ANG eClubTip_May2014_webConcrete pavers’ affordability and durability make them a smart choice. And with the great variety of colors being offered, concrete pavers can be a powerful design element for your exterior. Here are a few ideas to consider when choosing paver color.

Don’t match the color of your house. Choose an attractive accent color that creates a separation from wall to floor.

Choose a color that complements your landscaping. Many concrete pavers are colored to look like natural stone. They coordinate well with their surroundings and easily become the foundation of your landscaping palette.

Match the color with your roof tile, unless your roof is very dark.

Purchase all the pavers you’ll need — along with a few extras — at the same time. This helps ensure color consistency.

Mock up a small area for review before installing all the pavers.


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More in-depth information can be obtained at the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute’s website:

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