Wood-based Engineered Flooring

Whether you’re purchasing or remodeling a home, floors are perhaps the biggest piece of your home-investment puzzle. They’re also the base from which other design choices are made. If you have areas of high moisture or have pets or children, an option to be considered is engineered flooring.

Wood-based engineered flooring has come a long way from its mid-1990s introduction in the United States. As recently as five years ago, faux-wood flooring looked fake. Thanks to design improvements, they’ve become a preferred option for many homeowners.

“Today’s engineered floors have the beauty and durability of solid wood and are available in every color and style,” says Tom Wood, president of Atlanta-based franchisor Floor Coverings International. “For the budget-conscious, they can provide a solid, long-term investment and resale value.”

Engineered flooring is composed of wood layers tacked cross-grain and bonded under heat and pressure. This process makes them stain resistant and more durable. Additionally, they’re built to resist humidity and can be installed on any level of your home.

Because wood veneer uses far less wood than solid hardwood floors, there also is an eco-friendly aspect to engineered floors.


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