6 Apps to Add to Your Gardening Toolkit

480992355 webWith spring in full swing, many — even those without a green thumb — have gardening on their mind. From the beginner gardener to the master horticulturist, there are mobile apps galore for gardening enthusiasts of all experience levels. After weeding through many of these apps, AT&T San Diego has compiled a list to help you bring your garden to new heights.

1.   Food Gardening Guide  (iOS) — If you’re interested in venturing into organic food gardening, this free app from Mother Earth News provides expert gardening techniques and information on top crops.

2.   My Garden Lite (Android) — With this app, you can create a list of your plants; store information about them, such as the type of plant, its location and the date it was planted; and get useful tips of the week. You can include photos of each plant as well. 

3.   Grow Your Own (iOS) — This app from the Royal Horticultural Society is a good resource for anyone looking to start growing their own produce. The free version of the app provides useful information about 20 common varieties of fruits and vegetables. The profiles for each plant will help you decide what to grow based on your gardening experience and the space you have available. The app provides sowing and harvesting instructions and information on common problems. Additionally, you can add fruit and vegetable profiles to the “My Garden” section of the app, which offers calendar alerts to remind you what to do and when.

4.   Garden Insects Guide (iOS) — Not all insects are bad for your garden. This free guide from the editors of Mother Earth News will help you identify the bad bugs from the good bugs. It provides advice on how you can prevent damage from pest insects and attract beneficial ones. The app has a “Pest Control” section that tells you how to get rid of insect pests organically and naturally.

5.   Veg Garden (Android) — The Veg Garden app helps you plan your kitchen vegetable plot before you visit a seed shop. The app provides you with sowing instructions and tips for each type of produce. You can also store editable notes associated with any of the produce you’re growing.

6.   Planting Planner (iOS) — This is the official Organic Gardening app, and it’s a great tool to make sure you’re planting varieties at the right time. Once you’ve set up your garden on the app, you can select what you want to grow from an extensive database. It then gives you information about how and when to plant seeds. It also offers weather information to protect your seedlings from harsh elements.


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