Find Inspiration Around You

web ready_5_6_2014People often ask me what I’m inspired by when I design my collections, and I always answer the same way: Mother Nature. There is beauty in imperfections — crinkled leaves, misshapen corals — and especially the way Father Time ages objects. Here are some ideas for gathering design inspiration from the beauty all around us.

  • Having natural colors, materials and objects around us makes us feel good. Perhaps the color of your favorite succulent can be the inspiration for your kitchen’s hue.
  • Items found in nature can make artful, soulful objects in your home. I used a large piece of driftwood from a flea market as the centerpiece on my coffee table. 
  • Framing corals or using agate and crystal formations as bookends are sophisticated ways to celebrate earth in our spaces.
  • An easy way to celebrate the seasons in your home is to visit your local flower market or florist, grab a vase and fill it with large stems, branches and blossoms. 
  • Raw-edged wood slabs as tables are a beautiful way to bring the forest inside.


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