Mount Your Television

SANUS-Premium-Series-VLF525 FM_Plus-tv-mountA simple task such as mounting your television can provide a more open look and more space. To achieve the best aesthetics, follow these tips from interior designer Genevieve Gorder and SANUS.

  • Place art and furnishings around your mounted television to blend with the wall décor so the television is not a dominant focal point.
  • Too much negative space becomes evident when the television is turned off, making the wall appear empty. Strategically place art to ensure the appropriate use of negative space — a key component of a design success.
  • While surrounding furnishings are sure to add elegance to the space, clutter is never a good look.
  • If there is open wall space below the television, install shelving to place small components there, as well as books or display items.
  • A television mounted above a fireplace creates a warm and inviting place for family and friends to gather.
  • To add drama to your entertainment space, paint the wall where you are going to mount the television a different color than the other walls in the room.
  • A full-motion mount in the kitchen allows you to view your television from prep areas to eating areas. A full-motion mount in other rooms also help you achieve ideal viewing and avoid glare from windows during daylight hours.
  • In the bedroom, using a mount with tilting capability allows you to mount your television higher and tilt it down for more comfortable viewing from bed.


Genevieve Gorder


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