Add Oomph With Cast Glass


Giving a room pizzazz is easy when you use decorative cast glass. This upgrade to a shower door, kitchen countertop, entryway door, front window or other design element can completely change the entire look of almost any space.

First, decide which rooms are facelift worthy. If you choose a room that you spend a lot of time in, you’ll be sure to get plenty of opportunities to enjoy your custom creation.

Decorative cast glass can be beautifully used for such items as:
Cabinet doors
Entryway or garage doors
Room partitions
Custom lighting
Guardrails or stair treads
Shower enclosures
Countertops, bar tops and tabletops

Settle on a color palette and style (i.e., contemporary, traditional or themed). Contemporary and traditional pieces work well as countertops or tabletops, as cabinet doors or as skylights. Themed designs, also referred to as landscapes, are translated best on backsplashes, partitions, shower enclosures, doors and windows.

Decide what the vision will be for this artistic piece. Do you want to brighten a room, provide privacy or have it be a conversation piece at dinner parties? Knowing what purpose the glass will have in a room will help you choose the work of art that best works for you.

Determine what your budget will be for making this home improvement. Because custom glass is made to order, prices can range anywhere from $65 to $350 per square foot, based on size and type of glass, as well as on specification and fabrication requirements. Hardware, shipping and installation charges will be extra.


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