DIY Home Projects


Michelle Sanchez, in-house designer at Renovation Realty, says if you want to refresh your home this spring, consider taking on a DIY home project. Here she offers a trio of simple ideas.

Paint an accent wall

Transform the spaces of your home by painting accent walls to add a little color in different rooms. Relatively inexpensive, a new shade of paint can dramatically revitalize a space. An accent wall is painted with a color that stands out from but complements the other walls and ceiling. Accent walls can also complement furnishings, rugs and carpeting. Visit local paint or hardware stores to browse samples of colors. Give the wall dimensions to the paint store or paint department expert to ensure you get the right amount.

Create a gallery wall

Adding a gallery wall to your home is the perfect way to make a personal statement. A gallery can go on any wall that has a large, blank space. Browse your home for artwork, mirrors and knickknacks that you already have and mix with new pieces. Print out black-and-white and/or color photos of memorable experiences and mix them with other artwork.

When hanging your gallery, pay attention to shapes and sizes of frames and artwork, and balance larger pieces with smaller ones. View your layout scheme on the floor before hanging it. Play around with the layout to decide what looks best for the designated space. Don’t hang images too high. Typically, eye level is best.

Install new light fixtures

Create a cozier atmosphere by updating light fixtures. Drum pendants are a good choice, because they make a refined statement, are easy to install, affordable and available in a variety of colors and fabrics. Once you’re finished installing the fixture, spread candles throughout the room to add even more warm light.


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