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A combination of lighting — task, accent, decorative and ambient — will provide your home with design beauty as well as a visual aid when accomplishing tasks. Be aware that not every room in your home will need all four layers. If there is nothing of interest to highlight in a room, accent lighting may not be needed. Also, several layers may be accomplished by one light, such as a chandelier that provides ambient light or a pendant that also is a source of task lighting.

Another way to achieve flexibility is by dimming your lighting, which also saves energy and increases the life of bulbs.

T: Task Layer

Task lighting gives you the needed light to help you perform jobs. First determine what activities will take place in the room — food preparation, homework, reading, sewing, family game night, etc. Then select fixtures that direct the light to the work/play surface. For example provide under-cabinet lighting for food preparation, swing-arm wall sconces for reading or crafts and downward-facing bulbs for games or homework.

A: Accent Layer  

Accent lighting brings attention to a particular feature of a room, be it artwork, an architectural element or a design attribute. Accomplished with low-voltage halogen lights or LED fixtures, this lighting is usually an adjustable recessed can or a small spotlight. To protect paintings and textiles from damaging UV rays, select a light with a UV shield or an LED fixture.

D: Decorative Layer

Jewelry for the home and the most noticed of all the lighting layers, decorative lighting pulls all the design elements in a room together. Whether it is a crystal chandelier in the dining room or hand-blown glass pendants over an island in the kitchen, this is the lighting your guests will remember.

A: Ambient Layer

The ambient layer, also known as general lighting, provides enough light to navigate a room safely and creates a desired mood. Recessed lights, ceiling lights and wall sconces fall under the category of ambient lighting.


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