Garden Pavers: Choosing a Contractor

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Concrete pavers are a smart solution for garden walkways and patios. They are more affordable and durable than stone. Available in many colors and shapes, they create infinite design possibilities. Still, the hardest decision may be choosing a contractor. Here are some tips to make this choice easier:

Determine that your contractor has been installing pavers for some time and has been trained by a manufacturer or by the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute.

Ask for references and find out what percentage of the contractor’s total business consists of installing pavers.

Ensure that the contractor has liability insurance while on your property. (Also check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see whether or not you have coverage for the contractor while on your property.)

After you’ve checked the proposal outlining the scope of work and terms of payment, ask your contractor if the work is guaranteed.

Be sure the contractor will return to inspect the installation after an agreed-upon length of time has passed.

More in-depth information can be obtained at the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute’s website:


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