Mixing Old Loves and New Elements


Some people enjoy the look and feel of sleek, modern furniture, while others keep to the classics. However, most homes are a blend of old, new and repurposed furniture that reflects their residents. Here are some ways to seamlessly blend elements into a cohesive space.

Reupholster vintage furniture. That sofa or chair you sat on as a child has found its place in your home. An easy way to make it fresh is to reupholster it or buy a slipcover. Determine which room you would like to put the reclaimed furniture in, and then use the design cues from that room to determine a new color for the piece. Adding a few throw pillows also will help update the look.

Organize art. Not all artwork costs thousands of dollars. Paintings by children can enliven a room and add color to a muted space. One way to display artwork, while keeping in sync with the style of your home, is to frame it in a way that complements the room. For instance, in the kitchen, use a fork-and-knife frame that shows off your child’s rendition of spaghetti.

Color matters. No matter which element is introduced to a room, color matters — whether that means using an antique item to add a shot of color to a room or changing the hue of an older item to fit the current theme. Looking to find a home for an old flowerpot from your grandmother that is a beautiful teal blue? Add it to your yellow bathroom as an unexpected pop of color.

Restore and reuse. An old cabinet or table can look tired when the paint is chipped and the color is faded. Restore old furniture items by sanding them down and applying a fresh coat of paint. To bring in an even more modern twist, include an element of texture by adding a touch of glitter to the paint or by finishing the revamp with a bead, shell or button design. 

Karen Powell, CEO

Categories: Home Design