Advice on Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rugs

For more than 2,500 years, nomads and villagers in the Far East have used Oriental rugs for warmth and beauty. More recently, they have graced homes in the West with their art and luxury. Oriental rugs go with any décor and when properly maintained, last for generations. Here is some advice to help you choose your Oriental rug.

The Look

Since there is a wide variety of rugs to choose from at many price points, determine your budget and then, on a room-by-room basis, decide on the look you want to create.

Formal rugs can anchor a room with a calming effect.

Casual and fun elements are great for a family room.

Bold medallions make a dramatic statement.

Elegant fine lines and subdued color have a quiet, pleasing effect.

Vintage patterns add a sense of the traditional.

Pure colors add a formal and elegant look while abrash carpets (those that blend two or more colors) provide a broader color pallet for easier design options.

Rug patterns can work with the existing designs and fabrics in your room.

Size and Placement

Prioritize your rug purchases according to room size and importance. Rug dimensions will depend on room layout as well as room size.

Choose larger rugs first. Accent rugs and runners are easier to coordinate with the main rug than vice-versa.

A furniture setting suggests the minimum size rug that will create an island effect to visually bring furniture pieces together.

Furniture can be placed on or off rug edges depending on what feels right and functions best.

Foot pathways should avoid pivot points at rug edges.


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