Prepare Your House to Sell


There’s a lot more to selling a home than just finding an agent, sticking a sign in front of the house and inviting the world inside for a look. The goal for anyone selling their home is to get the most for their property, and that means “staging” your home for presentation. You can hire a stager; but if you are doing it yourself, consider the following ideas.

1. Eliminate clutter. Having stuff everywhere will make your home look messy and smaller. If you don’t want to throw anything out, at least box half of your things neatly in a closed-off area that’s out of view from potential buyers.

2. Paint. This is very cost effective and can help you get rid of all the eccentric colors you might like but other buyers may find less appealing. Consider both the interior and exterior of your home. It makes things look new and fresh, and you want to keep everything uniform and neutral.

3. Garden. Get the yard in order. Remove plants that are sickly or dead. Add flowers for color, and cover ground that shows with fresh dirt or bark. Trim bushes and overhanging trees.

4. Clean. Thoroughly clean your home, inside and out. Power wash everywhere outside, and make sure windows sparkle.

5. Fix. Repair dripping faucets, cracked tiles and degraded caulking. If your carpet is ripped or badly stained, replace it. Ditto for tiles that can’t be properly repaired. New carpet and tile throughout that’s neutral can be very effective. Exotic tiles and hardwood flooring can be expensive.

6. Leave. If you hold an open house, let your real estate team handle visitors. It can be difficult witnessing strangers wandering around your home, poking into closets and making comments. Do yourself a favor and go to a movie, the park or a museum. If you have pets, give them the day off as well.

Kurt Wannebo, CEO
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