Feng Shui for Kitchens, Baths and Bedrooms

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Feng shui is an ancient practice of being at one with the environment and balancing the energies of a space for the people inhabiting it. Using items made of the five elements (earth, metal, water, wood and fire), it remedies negative influences caused by an imbalance of energies in the environment. I often integrate feng shui principles into my interior design practice. Here are tips to help create a healthy, balanced, positive environment.


Design your kitchen so you can face the door when busy at the cooktop. 

Do not install the sink opposite the cooktop, as it can create negative energy. 

Place something such as a rug between the cooktop and the sink if your setup is not ideal.

Hang a mirror behind your stove to increase prosperity.

Avoid painting walls red, pink or purple. These are fire-element colors that can be sensed as agitating and may encourage overeating.


Paint your bathroom green or a warm earth tone to ground energy. 

Keep your bathroom door closed and the toilet lid down. Crucial energy, called chi, tends to flow down and out of your home through openings. 

Place a green or earth-colored rug at the base of the toilet to provide protection against the loss of wealth.


Place your bed in a spot where the door is visible from the bed.

Remove family photos. Only pictures of yourself and your partner are recommended for this room.

Clear the room of electronics. They disrupt the natural sleep pattern.

Relocate mirrors that face the bed so you cannot see your reflection from where you lie.

Include a pair of night tables and a pair of lamps, rather than just single pieces. Pairs encourage equality in your relationship. 

Marissa Reed

Veritas Interiors




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