Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

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Style and function have equal importance in the home’s most necessary room: the bathroom. There are many exotic materials and interesting fixtures to transform bathrooms into beautiful spaces. Here are five helpful ideas for a bath remodel.

1) Splurge on one area of the bathroom and make a big statement. Often a relatively smaller space that requires less material, the bathroom provides an opportunity to double your budget on one tile or accent without breaking the bank.

2) Lighting makes a huge difference in any room, but is especially important in the bathroom. Along with general lighting, be sure to include task lighting and accent lighting. All lights should be on dimmers to allow for the perfect setting.

3) Before purchasing a tub, try it out. Yes, actually sit in the tub on the showroom floor. You may feel silly doing it, but you will be thankful that you did. It surprises some of my clients what a big difference the size and fit of a tub makes — and bigger is not always better. You will feel more secure and relaxed in a tub that doesn’t swallow you up once it’s filled with water.

4) Think about how you actually use the space. What type of showerhead do you want? Do you use the tub? Would you prefer his-and-her basins? Do you need to make adjustments to your storage space? These tweaks make the difference in starting and ending your day with ease and grace.

5) Complete your design and material selection before taking bids from contractors. Work-order changes are very costly. Many of them can be avoided by having clear-cut plans before you bring in a contractor to bid on your project.

Nikki Njeri Klugh, Allied ASID, CIEC
Owner, Principal Designer
Nikki Klugh Design Group, LLC

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