The Right Flooring for Small Spaces

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Homeowners who have residences with smaller rooms often are on the lookout for space-enhancing tricks. While they may not be able to alter the physical size of their quarters, there are ways to create the illusion of a larger room. Here are tips for flooring choices to help make smaller spaces appear bigger.

Go light with color. Lighter colors will open up a space and make it seem airier. In contrast to dark colors that absorb natural light, lighter-toned floors will reflect the sunlight in a room. 

Select wide boards. Wider floorboards will make a space feel larger by dramatically reducing seams or lines. The simpler the space, the less cluttered it will seem.

Choose a clean wood grade. A rustic wood with a lot of knots and mineral streaking can make a small room feel even smaller. Opt for a cleaner-lined grade of wood flooring, such as an heirloom grade.

Stick with the same width. To maintain a room’s simplicity, a single-width board is always recommended. Random widths can be more difficult to plan in a small space, and often there is not enough area to truly understand the visual difference of each board width.  

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