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The term “steampunk” originated in literature with science fiction/fantasy tales that take place in a Victorian setting but feature 19th century steam-powered machinery. It also has come to refer to a design aesthetic that combines modern technological inventions with the sensibilities of the Victorian era.

Steampunk is an industrially driven look that is perfect for those who like antiques yet appreciate futuristic design. Steampunk décor marries Victorian vintage materials with retro or futuristic products. Here is a list of items to help provide you with the look of steampunk in your home.

Brass propellers

Copper piping

Metal switches

Steamer trunks

Filament bulbs

Astronomical clocks

Globes or antiqued wall maps

Ornate mirrors

Bookcases filled with leather-bound novels by such authors as Jules Vernes and H.G. Wells

Antique model or toy trucks

Binoculars or a telescope

A Victorian-style heater and/or stove

To complete the look, try Sherwin Williams Moonlight Mystery paints. Use Mink sw6004, Plum Brown sw6272 and/or Outer Space sw6251.

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