Seven Stylish Living Tips for the Long Term

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If you’re nearing retirement, there are things you should consider to make your home and yard adapt as you age. Creative application of materials and well-researched design principles will give you a beautiful home with features that you will need to live comfortably and safely. Here are my seven top tips to give you a great start.

1. Be sure that living spaces (including kitchens, baths, stairways, doorways and hallways) are at least 36 inches wide to accommodate a cane, walker or even a wheelchair.

2. As your vision changes, you’ll need better lighting to perform tasks in your kitchen and bath, as well as for reading and office work. Make changes that will save you energy in the long run.

3. Be sure that door handles, faucets and other fixtures are easy to use. Swap round ones for lever styles — especially if you have arthritis.  

4. Make your rooms easy to navigate. Don’t crowd so much furniture in that it’s hard to move around. Can you easily get up from your sofa? It might be time to refurbish the cushions.

5. Your bathroom and kitchen should be barrier free. Eliminate the shower dam and install a toilet of the right height. In the kitchen, raise the dishwasher and sinks to avoid back injuries.

6. Don’t install products that require a lot of care. Purchase cleaning supplies that are nontoxic and do more than one thing.

7. Remove slippery mats and rugs indoors and out. Be sure flooring and stairs are slip resistant. If it’s not easy to see distances and edges on counters and stairs, try adding color or changing materials that help improve visibility.

Lynn Morris, ASID

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