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Design expert Andy Wells, vice president of product design at MasterBrand Cabinets, has traveled the world in search of the latest innovative color trends. A key lesson from his explorations: Both subtle and overt ways of incorporating color into home design can help homeowners achieve a dynamic style that is all their own. Here are some tips to provide inspiration for future redesign projects.

  • Splash color into the kitchen. Add a splash of color to kitchen cabinets to add personality to your home. Incorporating bright colors or deep tones into the interior of cabinets is a great way to accent the shift in wood tones we’ve seen over the past couple of years. Subtle gray tones are another popular choice.
  • Add a pop of orange to complement rustic designs. For bathrooms featuring sandstone walls, bark accents and white fixtures, add a pop of orange to bath vanities and medicine cabinets to create a dynamic contrast that will breathe new life into the room.
  • Use bold lines to achieve a classic Art Deco motif. Since the 1920s, Art Deco design has remained very much in vogue. To capture this timeless motif within their own kitchens and baths, homeowners can accent cabinetry with bold lines of color, especially in rooms featuring chrome fixtures.
  • Glossy whites are a perfect match for walnut accent pieces. Cabinets with walnut moldings or paneling present an excellent opportunity to add a simple design element that will help revitalize a room.
  • Blend cool blues with raw wood finishes. In recent years, blue tones have become popular. An especially soothing option, cool-blue hues fit well in any room, especially when cabinetry features a raw wood finish. 
  • Look to Mother Nature for inspiration. It’s been said that nature does not make mistakes with color. When homeowners are looking for the perfect idea for a home cabinetry redesign, the natural world is a precious resource for color inspiration. Homeowners can choose from thousands of cabinetry finishes and custom hues to bring timeless complements of Mother Nature inside the home.
  • Contrasting colors are a daring but bold design choice. An up-and-coming home design trend is the use of contrasting colors. While it takes a brave homeowner to experiment with this method, intense color blocking with contrasting colors in kitchen or bath cabinetry can provide a bold statement that will help make the room stand out.


Andy Wells, Vice President Product Design
MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.

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