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It’s fun to grow a patriotically themed garden. Here are plant suggestions from Monrovia for a red, white and blue garden.


Firecracker Plant — Nothing says 4th of July like Russelia equisetiformis with its bright red tubular flowers. This fast-growing, easy-care perennial attracts hummingbirds and butterflies and works well as a tall border plant, trained to a trellis or spilling over walls and hanging baskets. Provide rich, well-drained soil and plant in full sun (partial shade in hot inland areas). Water and fertilize regularly and prune in late winter or early spring.

Homestead Red Verbena — With an exceptionally long bloom season, Verbena canadensis ‘Homestead Red’ (shown) produces loads of showy red flowers that can be used as groundcover or in hanging baskets and other containers. Plant this perennial in full sun. Once established, this hardy selection needs only occasional watering. 


Cotton Tail Thrift — America maritime ‘Cotton Tail’ is an excellent choice for borders and rock gardens. This perennial does well in the coastal garden. Plant in full sun, provide weekly watering and shear spent flowers for repeat bloom.

Edelweiss — Another great plant for rock gardens, Leontopodium alpinum is easy to grow, but must have excellent soil drainage and be protected from excessive moisture. Flowers are unusual woolly, white bracts. Plant in full sun.


Grace Ward Lithodora — This blue, mat-like perennial looks gorgeous around rocks and landscape boulders. Use at the top of retaining walls or to soften unsightly curbs. It’s also great on slopes, berms and banks for both color and erosion control. It should be planted in partial to full sun and needs regular watering.

East Friesland Meadow Sage — This deciduous perennial is a stunning addition to any border. Tall, 18-inch spikes of intense violet-blue flowers top gray-green foliage. Salvia nemorosa ‘East Friesland’ can be planted alone or in groups for a strong effect. This dense, shrub-like plant needs full sun and regular watering.


Garden tip from Monrovia,

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