Landscaping and Yard Care Secrets of the Pros



Jeff Linderman,’s in-house landscaping expert, shares his favorite gardening secrets to help you save money, reduce energy consumption and improve curb appeal.

  • Lawn mowers, small engines and handheld outdoor power equipment, like string trimmers, edgers and pole pruners, should be tuned up every season. This improves efficiency, reduces emissions, prevents costly repairs and extends the life of the equipment. Replace spark plugs once per season, even if they appear to be functioning properly. Mower blades should be replaced every one to two years. Dull blades tear, rather than cut, which results in a yellow hue over lawns. Replacement blades are inexpensive and easy to install. Purchase blades recommended by the mower manufacturer rather than universal blades. For string trimmers, replace rounded-profile string with string that has a star, cross or square-shaped profile, which will provide a cleaner cut and enable you to move through an area faster.
  • Water your lawn only once weekly, but keep the water flowing for a lengthy period to allow for deep saturation. Frequent watering for short periods will make your lawn more susceptible to disease. 
  • String trimmers, pole pruners and edgers can go a long way in giving landscaping a professional look. Make it a normal part of your yard-care routine to trim away excess growth. It’s amazing what a difference extra grooming can make in the overall appearance of a yard.
  • Use a pressure washer. Removing color-dulling layers of dirt and dust can dramatically brighten up a home’s exterior, porches and yard furniture.
  • Always use safety glasses, ear protection and proper footwear while operating equipment. Keep children and pets inside. Debris such as stones, wood chips, pieces of aged blades and more can be propelled at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. 

Jeff Linderman

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