Knock, Knock. Who’s Here?

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Are you an introvert with an orange front door? If so, you’re sending mixed messages to your guests. According to national color expert Kate Smith, president of Sensational Color, the color at the entry to your house should be a reflection of the people who live inside.

“Since the front door is the key feature on a house that offers homeowners the most flexibility in color choice, this is a good place for people to let their personality shine through,” she says. 

Here’s a look at what different paint colors on entry doors of the home say about the occupants inside.

Orange: “I’m friendly, fun-loving and enjoy getting together with people.” 

Red: “Look at me! I am not afraid of standing out or saying what’s on my mind.”

White: “I prefer things that are organized, neat and clean. Even if my home isn’t always this way, I wish it were!” 

Green: “I have traditional values and enjoy being a member of the community.”

Black: “I’m consistent, conservative and reserved in my manner as well as my approach to color. My design style is timeless, not trendy.”

Blue: “I am naturally at ease in most situations.” 

Yellow: “I am a leader. I can organize a group.”

Purple: “I am a free-spirited person who is comfortable taking risks, thinking differently and dreaming big.” 


Kate Smith, President
Sensational Color


Visit /content/uploads/data-import/se/SensationalColors.pdf to download a free copy of Kate Smith’s 17-page Fresh Exterior Colors Guide.


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