A Focal Point for Every Room

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Whether designing a multifunction family room or a small guest bathroom, ensuring your room has one main focal point can make the difference between a nice room and a room with the wow factor. It will ground all the different elements in the room and can create a sense of order and peace. Here are some possibilities in choosing an effective focal point:

  • The FIREPLACE is the most obvious natural focal point in any room with seating. It infers warmth and intimacy and inspires conversation and enjoyment. Arrange the furniture around it, select great surfaces for it and make it speak.
  • A fantastic piece of ARTWORK conveys the vision of the room’s design and sets the main tone and mood.
  • A PICTURE WINDOW with a beautiful view can give your room dramatic impact and a sense of expansion. Arrange your furniture so that the window becomes the main event.
  • An ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENT such as a wood-carved doorway or built-in cabinetry can command attention. Accessorize it with impact in mind.
  • An AREA RUG not only grounds the room and defines an area, but also expresses the color theme and can be a beautiful backdrop for a distinctive cocktail table.
  • A FEATURE WALL can be fun, especially when used in the smallest of rooms. Examples of ways to make a wall a major statement are painting it a bold color and using it to display a personal collection.
  • The CEILING works as an excellent focal point in dining rooms. This is a space where you can combine a bold color statement on the ceiling with an outstanding light fixture to create a wonderful anchor.
  • Decorating the WALL BEHIND THE BED, in combination with the headboard, can create the mood for your bedroom. It also frames the bed, which is the room’s main piece of furniture.
  • Built-in ALCOVES not only open up a narrow hallway but, with accent lighting, can transform a boring hallway into a major focal point.
  • The amount of TILE and its design on any given surface can make baths and kitchens outstanding.

Joan Peters, Allied Member ASID
Joan Peters Design

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