Purging Items



If you have kids, you may feel like their things — from clothes to books and toys — are taking over every corner of space in your home. Below are a few ideas on how to reclaim your space while keeping the kids happy.

  • Preserve the memory of any item by taking a photograph of it and then create a photo album. Photos take up a lot less space and are fun to look at over
    and over again.
  • Create a video of your kids talking about why they loved the item and turn it into a movie. Kids love to watch movies of themselves, and the film will
    become a great keepsake.
  • Use purging as an educational tool. Research charities and organizations that accept used items. Have your children accompany you to the donation center so they can see that their used items will go to good use.
  • When toys are more than gently used, many of them are recyclable. Recyclesandiego.org is a great place to start looking for recycling centers near you. 
  • Keep kids involved in deciding what to purge. If you and your kids determine an item is too traumatizing to let go of now, hang on to it until the next round of purging.
  • All remaining items that stay should have a designated place to live. Maximize existing space by creating storage solutions that help you get — and stay — organized. 


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