Invite Candles Into Your Life



There is nothing quite like the sparkle of candlelight to create ambiance indoors or out.  From a festive dinner party to a quiet evening, candles help set a wonderful mood. Try one of these ideas to create beautiful and unique candle displays. Add your own flair and enjoy!

1. Gather at least a dozen single-taper candleholders; for large surfaces, you can even double that number. Mismatched sets are ideal. You can use candleholders found at garage sales, those from grandma’s attic and/or those bought in budget-friendly resale shops. They can be of varying shapes and sizes and in different materials. Place them together on your dining table and buffet, then fill them with white or cream-colored tapers. Using the same candle color will create unity. Light them to bring your one-of-a-kind collection to life.

2. Place a grouping of taper, ball and cylindrical candles inside a low-profile ceramic planter or glass bowl. Mix the type and size for an undulating display. Cover the bed of the vessel with white or black rice or small pebbles. For large displays, consider using a tray as your vessel. Keep it simple or drop in rhinestones for glamour.

3. In the spring and summer months, fill your fireplace with a shimmering collection of candles or votives. Repurpose 15 to 20 glass jars of different sizes and heights. Place them upside down in your fireplace with a candle on top of each one. When lit, the candles appear to be floating.

The next time you are planning an event or hosting an evening party, be sure to place all of your candles or tea lights in the freezer the day before. When you light them for your event, they will last longer.


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