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Have you noticed how color can demand attention? Color is great for an entry, niche or bland wall that needs a spark of interest. It also adds warmth and personality. Here are three tips for creating an accent wall.

1.  Select one to three colors you might like to use. Paint the back of a poster board (the paint adheres better to the back), then tape or pin it to your wall and live with it for several days. That will help you envision how the wall might look.


2. Take a photo of the wall and use a computer program such as Adobe Photoshop to color the wall. Another option is to print the photo in black and white and then use an art medium (i.e., colored pencil, ink, paint) to color the walls.


3. Hire an interior designer that uses computer programs to help you select color and render it with a computer program.

Laura Ridley, ASID, CID

Ridley Interior Design, Fallbrook


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