Teen Rooms

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Teen rooms should be inspirational, functional and fun. We want our teens to be comfortable in their space and provide a welcoming place for their friends. Work with your teen to create a space that expresses their personality and includes their hobbies and interests. Let them choose paint colors and get their input regarding what style of furniture and accessories are desired in their space. Here are more design concepts to consider when designing a teen room:


Think Classic: Get a sturdy bed, chest of drawers, nightstand, and desk in a traditional finish such as cherry wood.

Think Comfort: Choose comfortable seating such as an oversized chair, beanbag or floor pillows for reading or listening to music.

Think Cool: Use teen art, wall decals, posters of favorite movies or musicians and pictures of friends to make it a place where your teen wants to hang out.

Think Color: Many teens are attracted to bright colors and like bold patterns. Use funky colored bed linens, bright curtains or shades and colored ceiling fans.

Think Contained: Storage is important. Take advantage of modern shelving systems and colorful containers for books, dolls, CDs or magazines. Be sure to make room for a laundry hamper, sports equipment and backpacks.

Think Carefree: Multifunctional furniture, slipcovers and duvets for quick cleaning and washable paint for walls and furniture provide ease of use and maintenance.


Vanessa Banks, Banks Interiors

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