Prevent Slips and Falls


The recent falls of Barbara Walters and Hillary Clinton serve as a reminder that falls can be quite serious. Designer Laura Ashley and actor Robert Culp both died following falls at home. One out of every three adults 65 and older will fall every year. Here are tips for helping prevent falls in your home.


        Clear pathways
        Repair or replace torn vinyl flooring or loose tiles
        Stretch rippled carpeting and repair any rips
        Tape down edges of area rugs
        Make sure there is plenty of light to navigate pathways inside and outside of the house
        Install nonskid floors in wet areas
        Fix any potential tripping hazards on stair treads
        Install light switches at the bottom and top of staircases
        Wear shoes with nonskid soles

By going through this simple checklist, you can help make your home safer for yourself, your family and your friends. Your home is your refuge from the world. It should be a safe place where you can live for many years to come.

Dale Monday Kolins, ASID, CAPS
Design Directions, La Jolla

Categories: Home Design