Help Your Deck Spring Back into Action – Part Three

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Deck Maintenance

You’ve cleaned your deck and applied a high-quality finish. It’s ready to enjoy again, but there are maintenance steps you can follow year-round that take just a few minutes of time. Taking care of your deck is something you’ll appreciate every time you sit down to enjoy it.

        Keep the deck clean. Rinse it down every 30 days with clean water.

        Keep excess water off the deck; adjust sprinklers away from the decking. Install gutters along your house eaves if needed to keep water off decking.

        Keep potted plants off the surface of the decking and avoid overwatering plants on tables/stands or hanging.

        Keep debris out of gaps between deck boards.

        Examine your deck structure closely, including the understructure, every year.

Jim Grant, owner
San Diego Power Wash
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San Diego, CA 92115

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