Eliminate Closet Clothing Clutter


Many of us tend to fill our closets to capacity no matter what the size. Here are some tips to help you purge clothes you do not wear often but are still hanging around in your closet.


  • Put all of your clothes on hangers facing one direction.

  • Place all of your hangers backwards.

  • When you wear a particular garment, turn the hanger in the opposite direction to show that you wore that particular item. 

  • Any newly hung clothing should be set up in the manner showing that the item has been worn. 

  • Set a purge timeline, either six months, one year or whatever time frame you feel comfortable with.  Write that date on your calendar or make it visible some other way so you know your purge date.

  • If your hanger has not been flipped around by the purge date, it is time to donate it and let someone else get use out of it.


Benjamin A. Weiss, Senior Design Consultant
California Closets
7808 Miramar Road
San Diego, CA 92126


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